March 25, 2020
Furnace Services in Kennesaw, GA
Updated On: 03/03/2024

There’s nothing better than walking into a warm and cozy home on a cold, wintry day. Down here in Kennesaw, Georgia, we tend to have short, mild winters, but the temperature can get downright bone-chilling. To ensure your home is kept at a comfortable, warm temperature, you’ll need to have preventative maintenance performed on it on a regular basis. Have you ever set back for a moment and considered what it was like before the wonderful invention of furnaces? Here at Controlled Climate Services, we took the time to do a bit of research on the invention of furnaces and here’s what we discovered.

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The Beginning Of Furnaces

Furnace technology has definitely become much more advanced over the past century. Up until 1885, homes were heated by wood-burning stoves. It was around this time that cast iron radiators were invented, which provided homeowners with an affordable way to take advantage of central heating. It was also around this time that the first steel coal furnace was invented. This type of furnace transferred heat through natural convection via air ducts that allowed the heat in the basement to rise to the rooms above. The technology surrounding heating for homes continued to advance and it was in the late 1880s that the first gas and propane furnaces were invented. This was when furnaces with pilot lights first became popular. That same technology is still used in millions of homes.

Wall Furnaces

The first central heating system that is still used in homes today was created in 1919 by Alice Parker. This system allows homeowners to regulate the temperature in their homes in a very efficient manner. Parker’s invention eventually led to the development of the first electric fan that was powered by coal. Combining the unit with ductwork, the first distributed forced air wall furnace was invented.

Modern Technology

Today, you have a wide range of modern furnace options to choose from when you are looking to upgrade or install a new furnace unit, including those powered by electric, gas, propane, and even oil. There are also geothermal technologies to take advantage of. Contact Controlled Climate Services today to learn more about efficiently heating your home with the latest technology.

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