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Hi Steve,

I wanted to let you know how happy Jane and myself are with our new Bryant Systems and the CCS Team! The temperature in both our parts have been so comfortable even on these 90 degree days…It is unbelievable that the upstairs at Jane’s part is so cool…I didn’t think it was possible…Problem solved!…and has also helped cool her downstairs. My nieces and nephew are finally comfortable being upstairs.

I appreciate you and Chris coming to our home “twice” to evaluate and develop a plan that would take care of our cooling issues. I appreciate the time that you both took to explain the plan to me and available options. Recently, I had 5 estimates before deciding on a company to complete some foundation repair on our home; however, CCS was our first estimate and I cancelled all my other estimate appointments after meeting you and Chris, as I felt confident in the information provided to me and that CCS was an honest company committed to quality work…which is quite rare.

Chris was very professional; working hard himself, as well as supervising the CCS Team. The CCS Team including Ryan, David, Jose, and Mike were WONDERFUL…as well as your son, Jason who also came and worked and checked both our systems once installed! The CCS Team worked great together…so pleasant as they worked very hard…and concerned with keeping our home clean while doing a great job. We could not have had a more positive experience with the CCS Team.

The original plan was to only have Jane’s upstairs system installed; however, when it was discovered that my part’s system had some issues…I was confident in allowing the CCS Team to develop a plan and proceed to replace my system, after seeing them in action. Chris worked with the CCS Office to make some scheduling changes so that the CCS Team could complete my work immediately after Jane’s system was installed. Jason traveled back from South Ga. to help and check my system when completed…It was a team effort…and I appreciate everyone’s flexibility in taking care of our cooling issues.

Ryan is a skilled technician and identified a duct that the Builder had just left open and down in the insulation…not connected to a vent…He remedied the situation by installing a new vent with the CCS Team and connecting properly. David and Jose were so pleasant and knowledgeable and made so many steps up and down, preparing the systems and making sure the work flowed smoothly. Jason is an expert technician…and provided us with much helpful information. Mike was here only the initial day, but worked very hard.
Chris kept us updated thru the entire process…He has followed up with us, making sure we have not experienced any issues since installation. The CCS Team also identified an entire area upstairs of about 15 feet x 6 feet that had absolutely no insulation from the Builder…but we would have never known about as not able to be seen from top of attic stairs…which we are now scheduling to have insulation added.

I have also had a good experience speaking with Jennifer on the phone at CCS.

No longer dreading the summer heat…as will be very comfortable in our home…Not only do we have a cool home…I was so encouraged to find a honest company with great workers who performed quality work !

Thank you again,
Kim Wilson