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Awesome service! Great employees! They are good, hard working folks you can depend on! They are working hard on my unit now. I'll have cold air soon! I definitely recommend them!!!! Thank you Steve!

Cathy B.

A few days ago the AC in my hair salon stopped working and the temperature went up to 90 degrees. 🥵 Thanks to the guys from controlled climate services the problem was fixed very quickly. They are very professional. Excellent service at affordable price! I highly recommend them

Julieta M. Facebook Icon

I highly recommend Controlled Climate for all of your heating and cooling services. They live up to their name with great services and a job well done the first time you call. Outstanding customer services!!!

Arcola S. Facebook Icon

I have used controlled climate services for years. The service has always been excellent in every respect.

Scarlette M. Facebook Icon

My experience started with building my house, this is the company that installed my air and heat. There are two ways to do a new install cheap and quick or engineered correctly. The efficiency of doing it correctly has already paid off. During the last 14 years when something has broken they have responded quickly to my satisfaction. Family run company where everyone has a interest in customer service.

Brooks R. Google Icon

These guys were awesome. I contacted them to replace my 30 year old HVAC system. Chris coordinated everything for me and was very accommodating and efficient. They came out on short notice and got it all done the next day. They were among the lowest quoted but I still received a great quality unit that's brand spanking new. I have a two bedroom town-home that's split among several levels; of which the upper levels never would cool properly. I'm already enjoying my much cooler home, I had to turn the temp up a little! Referring everyone to them!

Kamilah R. Google Icon

We contracted with Controlled Climate Services to replace our heat pump. They gave us an excellent breakdown of our options, and when I asked for greater detail as to how the packages cost what they did, I was given a detailed and personal report to explain everything. They were able to meet my requests to have the thermostat *not* be wifi-enabled, and they did their work quickly and effectively. Everyone I interacted with at Controlled Climate had an excellent attitude, and they went through all the details of the new system with us.

What's more, however, is that I am an amateur radio operator and had concerns about the radio frequency interference that our new heat pump might generate. I was able to sit Chris, the head of the team, down with an article on how to mitigate the interference. He read it, kept it in mind during the install, and then showed me where the manufacturer had already done the work beforehand. That's a level of "above and beyond the call of duty" that I didn't necessarily expect to get. I highly recommend the Controlled Climate Services team!

Rhett A. Yelp Icon