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Kennesaw Air Conditioning Services You Can TrustControlled Climate Services is proud to provide air conditioning service to the residents of Kennesaw, GA. We are a family company and have been doing business for 40 years. Our decades of experience has allowed our experts to work in every scenario imaginable. We have always been dedicated to:

  • Quality work
  • Outstanding Customer service
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism

AC Services Offered in Kennesaw

It’s important for an air conditioning unit to always work properly. After all, no one wants a cooling system to shut down on a hot summer day! If that happens, we’ll be there for you. Some of our services include:

Seasonal Tune-ups vs. AC Repair

An air conditioning system eventually requires ac maintenance and repair. Seasonal tune-ups can extend the life of many of the parts that would otherwise need to be repaired. Our experts may identify trouble areas during a seasonal tune-up. If so, fixing these issues might defer any potential system emergencies from happening.

Satisfaction GuaranteeCatching a potential issue before it happens can save money. That’s why seasonal tune-ups for an air conditioner are so important. It’s a smart move for homeowners to schedule AC repair instead of waiting until it breaks. However, for an older system, replacement might be the only choice.

Kennesaw Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning units don’t last forever. Their lifespan is around 15-20 years. Proper seasonal tune-ups and maintenance can extend the life of the air conditioning system. Eventually, the unit will break down and it will be time to get a new air conditioner system.

Our experts specialize in air conditioning installation. We carry numerous industry-leading and ultra-efficient brands. You’ll be glad once your old unit is replaced with a new one. Newer systems are more efficient than those of 15 years ago.

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We are ready to meet your air conditioning needs. The professionals of Controlled Climate Services will answer any questions you have. Contact us today schedule service for your air conditioning system. Not looking for air conditioning services? We offer heating service as well!