Heating Maintenance in Kennesaw & Canton You Can Trust

Satisfaction GuaranteeClimate Controlled Services is your answer for keeping your home heating system running optimum and at its most efficient level. Controlled Climate is a top choice for heating services in Kennesaw Marietta, Canton, and the surrounding areas because:

  • Over 25 years of valuable experience in the field
  • Customers have been with us for an average of 18 years
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • NATE certified technicians

We’re Georgia’s Furnace Maintenance Experts

Furnace maintenance and a furnace tune up are a simple process of having a trained, professional technician go through the system checking each critical function and identifying issues that should be addressed. Similar to a car, regular maintenance can go a long way to extending the full life of a home heating system, but it needs to be applied regularly.

Take Care of Your System With Preventative Maintenance

A dirty filter puts a heavier load on a heating system as it tries to push air through the filter. A clean filter keeps the system running right and the load pressure low, allowing the system to work easier than it would otherwise with poor filter changing. Maintenance visits always make sure the filter is clean, functional and in place correctly. Our maintenance services include:
Bryant Furnace

  • Furnace tune ups
  • Furnace general maintenance
  • Heater servicing
  • Heat pump checks and safety reviews, and
  • Identification of changes for system life extension were possible

Trust the Experts at Controlled Climate Services

A professional technician’s visit can address many of the issues that require training and special tooling such as a heat pump. They also check for problems. and carbon monoxide is the worst risk possible. The gas emits from the furnace burning process. It’s odorless, invisible, and can become deadly quickly if it is in confined, closed spaces. The technician’s number one job after checking for gas leaks is to also check that no carbon monoxide is present or leaking as well.

If you want your heating system to be running safe, reliable and efficiently every month, putting in a service call for a system check with Controlled Climate Services just makes sense. Our trained technicians know how to check new and older systems in the Canton, GA area and make sure you have a safe, warm home everyday. Call us today!