October 19, 2022
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Air conditioning and refrigeration are both things that are almost impossible to live without in an Atlanta, Georgia home. Both are designed to keep an area cool, and both play a role in the health and well-being of the house. But are air conditioning and refrigeration the same thing?

Similarities Between Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

There are a lot of similarities between air conditioning and refrigeration. Both use chemicals to keep a space cool and rely on compression and airflow. However, there are small details that separate the two. For example, refrigeration focuses on cooling and freezing. Air conditioning is all about dehumidifying the air and cooling the air.

How Does Refrigeration Work?

When you think about refrigeration, you probably think about your refrigerator. You use your refrigerator to store goods you want to keep cold and your freezer to keep goods you wish to freeze. Your refrigerator reduces temperatures to a point that the reproduction of harmful bacteria is diminished.

Your refrigerator will transfer heat from inside the sealed unit to the outside. That’s why it feels warm if you put your hand on the back of the fridge.

Your refrigerator has several main components. There is a compressor that serves as the heart of the fridge, circulating refrigerant. The condenser is where the refrigerant is put under pressure and heats as it condenses. The evaporator is where the liquid refrigerant turns to gas, cooling the refrigerator.

The capillary is a thin piece of tubing that works as an expansion device. Liquid refrigerant passes through the capillary tubes and is sprayed into the lower pressure environment found in the evaporator. Finally, the thermostat controls the cooling process by monitoring the temperature inside your refrigerator and then turning the compressor on and off, ensuring that the refrigerator stays at the desired temperature.

Your refrigerator stays cold because the refrigerant that circulates through it changes from a liquid to a gas. This process of evaporation cools the area around the refrigerant.

The compressor puts the refrigerant under pressure, turning it into a liquid. From there, the refrigerant travels through the capillary tube, where it is given space to expand, and it is sprayed into the evaporator. As the refrigerant travels through the evaporator, it evaporates, creating a cooling sensation. From the evaporator, the refrigerant is returned to the compressor and forced into a heated liquid, and the process starts again.

One way that refrigeration differs from air conditioning is that refrigeration is designed to lower the temperature of an area below that of ambient temperature. Most people would be uncomfortable living in an environment that was the temperature of their household refrigerator, let alone their freezer.

What Makes Air Conditioning Different Than Refrigeration?

Air conditioning is about making a space comfortable to live in. It makes the temperature in said space appropriate for occupants and equipment within that environment. This is achieved by dehumidifying a room and removing heat from the environment.

Air conditioning works in commercial and domestic environments. It can also be used in areas that store electronic equipment where heat generation occurs.

An air conditioning system typically uses a series of ductwork to spread conditioned air through various indoor spaces. The goal is high-quality air and a comfortable environment.

Like refrigeration, air conditioners have two principal parts, the evaporator, and the condenser. They work as a heat exchanger. Refrigerant is forced into different states, including liquid and gas, to create cooling. A series of fans push cold air into the cooled environment while pushing warm air away from the unit.

You can classify the purpose of air conditioning as being for comfort. Comfort is what you see in a home, an apartment, an airplane, government buildings, or other places where people will be. The process includes clean rooms, food processing environments, nuclear power plants, etc.

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