October 18, 2023
Furnace Services in Kennesaw, GA

You may be alarmed if you see water leaking from your furnace on the floor. Water on the floor is a sign that your furnace is not working properly. Why is it leaking? Several issues can make your furnace leak. The top reasons include problems with the floor drain, drain line, condensate pump, and humidifier. Let’s delve deeper into the reasons behind the water leakage from your furnace onto the floor.

The Floor Drain

The floor drain is where water and condensation are supposed to run off and out of your house. But if the drain is cracked or clogged, it can leak water on the floor. Under normal conditions, water and condensation run through the drain line and into the floor drain. Problems arise when the floor drain gets damaged. Newer drains are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and can develop cracks. If you have a furnace leak on your hands, it may come from damage to the drain. Another reason could be that the floor drain is not correctly connected to the condensate pump.

Many basements come with floor drains that direct water into a collecting area where it is pumped outside with a condensate pump. Other HVAC systems direct water into a collection area where it is then pumped into the drain to the outside. In either situation, water spills out onto the floor when the drain and pump are not properly working together. The floor drain could thus be the reason for your water leakage.

The Drain Line

The drain line in your furnace is also a likely reason why your furnace is leaking. High-efficiency furnaces use a drain line to remove excess water and condensation. If this line gets clogged, then water can leak from the bottom of the furnace. The buildup of condensation, mold, and mildew could block your drain line. Clogged drain lines are common among high-efficiency furnaces because of the extra heating power they provide. These units are known for producing more condensation and other forms of buildup. Your drain line could likewise accumulate dust or dirt that blocks water from draining properly. This line may also have developed a crack or hole where water seeps out.

In addition, the drain line attaches to an exhaust pipe, and the tubing between them may be damaged. A blockage, hole, or crack in your drain line could explain why your furnace is leaking. Drain line issues are common but can lead to poor air quality and damage to your HVAC system.

The Condensate Pump

The condensate pump is another important part of your furnace that could explain why you see water on your floor. This pump collects and pushes out water from heating and cooling systems, but if it is blocked, then water spills out. When a condensate pump is working right, water first pools up in its tank before it is pumped out into the floor drain or directly outside. When this pump fails, the water will pool up and then spill on the floor. A blocked or broken pump is the most likely reason why this is happening. If this is a recurring problem, you will probably see water and rust stains on and around your furnace.

Condensate pumps are typically due for repairs or replacement after 3 to 5 years. To avoid further issues with your HVAC system, you should arrange for an inspection and maintenance.

The Humidifier

Many furnaces have humidifiers attached to them. These humidifiers are often used during winter to add moisture to the air to help you breathe better and alleviate dry skin and sore throats. As with a drain line and condensate pump, humidifiers can develop cracks or become clogged. Standard efficiency furnaces tend to have more problems with humidifiers, but clogged humidifiers also occur with high-efficiency units. Built-in humidifiers are also prone to debris and mineral buildup similar to pumps and hoses. Buildup, cracks, and damage to your humidifier could explain why water is leaking on your floor.

Other Reasons for Water Leaking From Your Furnace

There are other reasons why your furnace may be leaking. Here are a few more:

  • A dirty furnace filter
  • A damaged exhaust pipe
  • A broken evaporator coil

Furnace and HVAC Services

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