April 5, 2024
Common Mistakes That Lead to AC Water Leaks and How to Avoid Them

Air conditioners frequently experience water condensation. This occurs when humid, warm air meets the cold components of the cooling system. This usually isn’t anything to worry about. The condensation will drip into the drain pan and make its way out of the home via a drain line. If something goes wrong in your Kennesaw, GA, home, this condensation can cause a leak. Without repair, AC water leaks can become so severe that they cause structural damage to a home. They can even cause the AC to stop working, making the house uncomfortable. Familiarizing yourself with common mistakes that lead to AC water leaks is key to knowing how to avoid them.

Not Clearing a Clogged Condensate Drain Line

Any time the drain line clogs, it will cause water to back up in the drain pan. Once the drain pan fills up, it will start overflowing, causing water damage to the surrounding area. HVAC technicians have specialized tools to remove clogs from condensate drain lines. Many also use wet or dry vacuums to remove blockages.

An incorrectly sloped drain pan is one of the most common causes of clogged drain lines. This causes water to pool in one area of the pan, leading to mold growth. Over time, this mold mixes with other debris, clogging the drain line. Trained HVAC workers know the correct slope for the drain pan to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Not Replacing a Rusty or Damaged Drain Pan

Drain pans endure a lot of wear and tear throughout the cooling season. As time passes, metal drain pans will start to rust. Plastic ones eventually crack. When this happens, water can leak everywhere. HVAC systems that have been in use for over 15 years tend to experience rusting and cracking the most. If you have a rusted pan, it’s best to replace it. During the replacement process, properly matching the pan to the HVAC system is critical to its performance.

Failure to Tightly Connect the Drain Line

The drain line needs a tight connection to function properly. If it’s loose, water will leak, possibly causing damage as it pools on the floor. It can even seep through walls and ceilings. Incorrect installation is the most common cause of drain line problems. Some get loose on their own over time. The best way to avoid these connection issues is to always have a professional perform any required drain line repairs.

Ignoring a Faulty Float Switch

The condensate pump oversees moving water from the evaporator coils through the drain line. As the water level gets higher in the pump’s reservoir, a float switch kicks on. This switch tells the pump to drain the water from the line and out of the house. If the float switch stops working, the pump doesn’t know how to drain the water. The water will get higher and higher, eventually spilling out. Float switches can quit working for several reasons, including clogged drain lines, damaged drain pans, or frozen coils.

Having Too Much Humidity in the Home

Condensation is an inevitable by-product of air conditioning. Excessive condensation, however, is not normal and requires prompt attention. As more and more condensation builds up, it can leak from ducts and vents and significantly hurt indoor air quality. It can even seep into insulation, leading to water damage, mold growth, and other air quality issues.

Excess condensation frequently occurs because of poor insulation in air ducts and attics. Dirty air filters, clogged drain lines, and blocked air vents all contribute to excess condensation as well. High humidity levels in the summer further complicate moisture problems. This is why a lot of homeowners use dehumidifiers and add extra insulation to reduce indoor humidity and condensation.

Performing a DIY Installation

If you’ve just had an air conditioning unit installed and it leaks water, there’s a good chance you didn’t install it correctly. This is why it’s best to let a professional handle the set-up and installation process. Experts know exactly what to do when installing the drain pan, drain lines, and other critical parts of the system. Making sure the installation surface is level is an important step in the process.

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