March 26, 2020

Heatwaves have been part of normal life for years, now. Home AC repair and AC maintenance may feel overwhelming, especially when it is leaking water and you have no idea why.

Condensation Clogging

The most common issue with AC leakage is the clogging that comes with condensation that has built up over time. Moisture is not the only factor with a clogged air conditioner. Dust, dirt, and debris are also culprits if the reason your unit is leaking is due to clogging.

Wet & Dry Vacuum

Debris formed in the air conditioner unit typically is removed with a dry vacuum. However, if the issue is condensation, you will need to use a wet vac, instead. In many cases, using a heating/cooling service ensures they have the equipment required to clear the clog and remove the leak properly.

Drain Pan Not Draining

Rust rises in the most resilient of spaces. It includes the drain pan for your air conditioner unit. Also, old drain pans may have merely taken enough damage over the years that it simply needs to be replaced.

Broken Pump

You may have an indoor air unit or furnace you keep in the basement. If the pump ceases to work, water builds up with nowhere to go. It would usually drain outside. However, if it has stopped pumping properly, it will require AC replacement or AC repair in Marietta.

Filthy Filter

Filters act as not only to keep your air clean but also needed for your AC unit to work properly. A dirty filter will block the flow to the evaporator core. The blockage will cause your unit to freeze, and the melting water is too much for the drain pan to handle. It is recommended you replace the filter every month to every three months, depending on what season it is.

Refrigerant Remedy

The low or lack of coolant causes the same issues that a dirty filter does. AC maintenance is once again a home repair issue. The signs of lack of refrigerant range from a hissing noise to a lack of cooling that you will notice. A leaky air conditioner will either require AC replacement or AC repair.

More than a few people are not air conditioner/heater repairmen. Often, when we try, we also make matters worse. A professional does not only alleviate stress but promises your air conditioner service is more than a band-aid. Controlled Climate Services, the premier heating, and air conditioning service in Marietta and the Greater Atlanta area make it our mission to keep you cool when hot and warm when cold.

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