March 25, 2020

All the parts found inside a furnace play an important role. Even “small” parts such as the filter serve a vital purpose. A filter collects the impurities running through the furnace. By capturing the impurities, the filter helps the furnace work properly and ensures that it doesn’t circulate unhealthy air. In some cases, a filter can turn black during use. There are a few reasons why this may happen.

The Filter Is Old

A filter collects dirt, dust, and more. Over time, all that debris piles up and collects on the filter. The filter changes color because it became excessively dirty. A dirty filter — one so dirty that it is black — won’t be of much help. The filter could even cause operational problems with the system.

Changing a dirty filter can’t wait too long. Controlled Climate Services of Kennesaw, GA, can help with filter replacements and other services. Our company also helps with ductwork, tune-ups, installations, and more.

Mold Growth On The Filter

Yes, mold can grow inside of a furnace. Anywhere moisture collects, mold can grow. Likely, the moisture could come from a problem with the evaporator coil. Once moisture collects, mold appears, and then the moisture feeds the fungus. The presence of mold never represents anything good.

Cleaning out the furnace represents the only way to remove the mold completely. Delays on the cleaning aren’t advisable. Mold spreads in the air and presents a health hazard. Maybe you should test the air for mold when it shows up on the filter.

The Presence Of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide contributes to the collection of soot on the filter. The issue with the dirty filter, however, is the least of anyone’s worries when carbon monoxide is present. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and could cause significant harm to anyone breathing. Sadly, people can die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The lesson here is never to dismiss any issues with the furnace because you feel that they’re likely minor. Let a professional make the necessary evaluation of the filter.

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