March 25, 2020

Indoor Air Pollution can result in breathing problems, allergic reactions, and other health problems. Dust or other particles can settle on furniture and other surfaces, which could result in property damage over long periods of time. However, there are some easy ways to reduce exposure to air pollutants.

Don’t Smoke Indoors

One of the easiest ways to prevent indoor air pollution is to smoke outdoors whenever possible. In addition to preventing smoke from lingering in the air, it can prevent young children from getting asthma attacks or other breathing problems. Furthermore, it can prevent the odor of smoke from getting into your furniture or carpets, often referred to as third-hand smoke.

Maintain Your Furnace And Air Conditioner

Professionals serving Kennesaw and Marietta, such as those from Controlled Climate Services, can inspect your furnace or air conditioner to ensure that they are properly maintained. If necessary, we can replace air filters, which may release dust or other particles in the air if they get clogged. This can be part of a regular tune-up or a stand-alone service appointment that can be scheduled online at your convenience. In addition to keeping your air clean, it can also ensure that your HVAC components last for their entire useful life.

Clean Carpets Regularly

Carpets should be deep cleaned at least once a year to get rid of any particles that may be trapped in them. When you walk on a dirty carpet, there is a chance that dust and pollen can be thrown into the air. You could also breathe dirt and other pollutants if you happen to be laying on the carpet while playing with your pet or small child. For those with bad allergies, it may be a good idea to simply remove the carpet altogether in favor of wood floors.

If you’re having indoor air quality issues, let us perform an assessment. We can do both furnace and air conditioner service, and we can install a heat pump or other HVAC components. Contact us today to see about keeping your home comfortable throughout the year.

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