March 26, 2020

Step One: Choose Your Desired Service Type

The steps to get Nate Certification in Lumpkin, GA may be different from other states. If you are interested in becoming a Certified technician, you need to choose a technician service type, this is the first step. Remember, once you choose to become a service technician, you will automatically obtain your installation certification. An HVAC technician is highly regarded as being knowledgeable, when it comes to servicing, and installing heating and cooling systems. In fact, the process to obtain your Nate certification can be obtained in three simple steps.

Step Two: Choose Your Service Specialty

Since we have already discussed the first step, we can move to the second step of becoming Nate Certified, which involves choosing a specialty. Choose an area of service that piques your interest and accepts the challenge. You must take both a core examination and a specialty exam of your choosing. For the best test results, choose equipment and HVAC systems you currently work on. If all tests are the same, there are 10 areas of specialties to choose from.

Step Three: Take A Practice Exam

If you are unsure of the answers or if you are not up to par on your skills, take a practice exam. A practice exam will not count against you. In fact, it can actually help you to pass your real exam. You are able to concentrate on the areas in which you are weak and strengthen your strong areas even more. Don’t just memorize the answers, thrive to understand what you read.

Step Four: Schedule The Exam

Nate has 100s of testing sites around the country. If you miss part of your exam, you can always reschedule the failed part. You have two years from the date you took the exam to retake the test.


Your core exam will cover all the basics you will be working with as a service technician, such as soft skills, heat transfer principles, safety, tools, and some electrical questions. Although, 70 percent is a passing score in Lumpkin, GA, 75 percent is needed for efficiency analyst purposes. If you have been working in the HVAC industry you may already be well- trained, and more than capable of passing both the test and core exam. The test can last for up to four hours, and credit is given for the part or parts of the exam you pass.

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