March 25, 2020

If you’re like most people, you probably eagerly flip the air conditioner on when summer arrives. As the bills begin to roll in, you may start to wonder if you’d rather have the comfort or the extra cash. Learning how to lower your AC bills may help you avoid making costly decisions later.

Maintain Your Unit

You’ll experience higher costs when your unit isn’t functioning properly. On the surface, the air conditioner may seem to lack any problems. However, opting for a maintenance appointment can reveal something different. During this inspection, you may discover that certain features are eating up too much energy and that simple repairs can leave more money in your pocket.

Use Energy-Saving Features

Blasting the air conditioner at full strength may seem like a good idea when you come inside from a run in the park. However, if you’re quickly wrapping yourself up in a blanket on the other side of the room, you might need a unit that has energy-saving features. You may want to consult with Controlled Climate Services in Kennesaw about purchasing a new system that has built-in features to conserve energy and cash. Once you set the controls to a certain temperature, the unit will shut off when it reaches that temperature and turn back on only when the predetermined temperature is exceeded.

Assess Your Genuine Needs

You should also take into account how much you really need to run the air conditioning unit. For example, on a breezy day, opening up the windows can invite fresh air into the house. An efficient cooling unit typically does not take too long to kick in. As long as you don’t have pets in the house that need the air on while you’re at work, turn the unit down during the day when you’re on the job.

Keeping your AC bills low is important, especially if you want to enjoy other summer activities such as a vacation. For more efficient solutions and ideas, schedule an appointment with Controlled Climate Services in Kennesaw today. We’re prepared to handle all of your heating, cooling and refrigeration needs, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

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