Choose Controlled Climate Services to take care of your heat pumps in Marietta, GA. Unlike other more traditional HVAC systems, your heat pump can take care of both your heating and cooling. This makes it all the more essential to ensure your system is in top condition throughout the year. Hire a professional Marietta, GA. HVAC Company.

    Without professional service, your heat pump may develop inefficiencies that impact its airflow and safety. Fortunately, you can rely on our experienced HVAC technicians to deliver high-quality heat pump repair in Marietta.

    Marietta Heat Pumps Services

    Heat pumps can run into various issues that increase your energy bills and lower your indoor comfort. For example, if your system continually runs day and night, there may be an issue with your thermostat settings. However, if you adjust your preferences with little success, there’s a chance the heat pump’s compressor has become compromised. The compressor controls the flow of electricity into the system, which means it could also cause the system not to turn on at all.

    If your heat pump won’t cycle, there may be an issue with your electrical connections or circuit breaker. Constant tripped breakers are usually a sign of overheating or a potential fire issue. When the system attempts to run with a clogged air filter, it can struggle to pull in enough air. This will result in the system getting too hot and potentially melting its internal wiring. Problems that occur when you can’t switch from cooling to heating or vice versa often link back to the reversing valve.

    You could also have a low refrigerant level due to a leak. Other issues to look out for include the external unit freezing, odd smells, pooling water or chemicals, and frequent short cycling. All heat pump concerns, no matter how big or small, need to be addressed immediately to prevent more damage and protect your family’s seasonal comfort.

    Take advantage of the many benefits of our professional heat pump repair today.
    • Improves system efficiency
    • Limits risk of breakdowns
    • Lowers excessive energy costs
    • Protects home’s humidity level

    The majority of common HVAC problems start small like a new odor or a minor change in your cycle frequency. It’s essential to spot these problems early before the internal issue spreads to other components. When one part begins to malfunction, it puts a harmful strain on the rest of the system.

    For instance, if the system can’t pull in enough air, the motor will overwork itself, trying to push out enough heating or cooling. This prematurely wears out the compressor, capacitor, coils, and more. If you wait too long to request repairs, you could have to pay for expensive part replacements or even a premature system replacement.

    Your Heat Pump Repair Team

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    We have more than 25 years of experience and always guarantee your complete 100% satisfaction. Trust our diagnostic-based approach to find the ideal solutions to all of your family’s unique comfort concerns.

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