July 14, 2020

During the hottest seasons in Kennesaw, GA, you simply must run your air conditioner all day. However, there are repercussions from using the AC too much. In some cases, air conditioning can actually cause sinus problems.


Individuals with allergies are susceptible to sinus issues from air conditioning. In the spring, allergies are known to flare up at the first sign of foreign particles in the air. In the comfort of your home, a similar thing can happen if a layer of dust is on the ground. Your AC and fan can kick up this dust and can create an environment full of irritants.

One way to get around this issue is to invest in an air purifier. Running both your AC and the air purifier will result in amazingly clean air for you and your family. These HVAC systems are designed to complement one another and to work in tandem.

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Another good option is to upgrade your air conditioner’s filter. If your unit is running non-stop, you should replace the filter every two to three months. Although a default air filter is decent, a custom filter can really eliminate the biggest threats to your sinuses.


Similar to allergies, people with asthma will not appreciate unclean air. If you’ve had asthma attacks in the past, you’ll want to be careful around your air conditioner. In particular, don’t sit right in front of the AC by the vent.

There’s a decent chance that dust particles will be swirling around in the air and waiting to provoke your asthma. If you do end up coughing, it’s a mistake to take some sort of cough medication right away. Consider whether the AC is causing your asthma to flare up, in which case you’ll want to address the appliance somehow.

It’s much better to get to the source of the problem than to look for a solution that won’t last in the long term. Unlike allergies, asthma usually doesn’t depend on the season.

Humidity Levels

Humidity levels are another major cause of sinus problems. When an AC runs for hours, it naturally dries out the air. When humidity levels drop, it can become difficult to breathe due to the lack of moisture.

In this case, you need to restore humidity in some shape or form. A humidifier will reintroduce water droplets to the air and make it easier to breathe. In particular, your sinus system will thank you for this atmosphere. You’ll want to consider the location of your home. Some homeowners don’t have to worry about humidity because they live in a rainy area. Even during the hottest summer months, the climate is still full of moisture.

On the other hand, homes located at high elevations are prone to low humidity levels. Take these factors into account when weighing the possibility of your air conditioner exasperating the problem.

Cold Air

Lastly, cold air from a humidifier can be problematic as well. In general, the air from an AC doesn’t get cold enough to cause an issue on its own. However, when combined with the wind chill from a fan, you can be looking at a bad setup for your nasal system.

As before, you don’t want to sit directly in front of the AC. You’ll get the full force of the airstream right up your nose. Even if you sit a short distance away from the unit, you’ll still feel the effect of the AC. One particular threat to your sinus problems is cold air while you are sleeping. When sleeping, you could be lying in a prone position directly underneath your AC for hours on end.

This exposes your face and nasal system to the worst conditions. It’s not all about intensity; sinus issues can arise simply from prolonged exposure. Consider whether your bed needs to be repositioned away from the stream of cold air.

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In the end, a constantly running air conditioner can definitely cause sinus problems, especially for those with sensitive allergies. In addition to using the AC in moderation, you’ll want to install it the right way. That’s where the crew from Controlled Climate Services in Kennesaw, GA, can help. We’re experienced in everything related to heating and cooling. Whether you need an installation, repair, or tune-up, we’ll get the job done. To make an appointment, contact us today.

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