March 25, 2020

AC units, heat pumps, and furnaces seem so self-sufficient. It’s an illusion. They need some simple, regular AC maintenance. Routine inspection of your cooling system by a professional Marietta-based technician is important to help extend the life of your AC unit. But between visits, you can properly care for your system by doing the following:

Keep It Clean

Do these simple cleaning tasks to extend the life of your AC unit: clean the evaporator coil annually, replace filters at least every two months, whisk a wire brush through the drain channels, and check window seals for leaks. Contact Controlled Climate Services for more tips or assistance!

Give Your AC Unit Some Down Time

Please avoid running your AC all day. It is tempting on a sweltering Marietta day, but it is better to install a programmable thermostat or use a timer to cool your home before you get home from work. This is more efficient and does not overwork your system. There is no need to blow your AC while you are away. You are only going to keep your houseplants cool and refreshed.

Don’t Crank It Way Down

Do you like your home a chilly, brisk 72 degrees? Then it is not a good practice to come home and crank the thermostat down to 67 degrees. It will not get you to 72 any faster. It will just zip past 72, overworking the system to get you to your requested, exceedingly low temperature.

Give Your AC Unit Some Space

Lush shrubs and vegetation planted too close to your outdoor AC unit can block its airflow. It will not run efficiently. Let it breathe! Don’t try to hide your AC unit’s beauty behind plants. It won’t ventilate properly and the condenser coils can get easily clogged.

Grease the Wheels – Marietta AC Maintenance

If your system’s working parts are not properly lubricated, this will cause friction and your equipment will wear more rapidly. Lack of lubrication can also cause the unit to use more electricity and work harder. The best advice is to call a local professional like Controlled Climate Services to provide the high-quality maintenance you deserve.

If you’re looking for AC maintenance or service in Marietta or surrounding areas, contact the experts at Controlled Climate Services today!

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