March 25, 2020

Many people may not know this, but air quality indoors can often be more unhealthy than air quality outdoors. And there are many issues that can contribute to problems with air quality indoors. Here are some of the key causes of indoor air quality challenges.

Toxic Mold

One of the biggest and most forgotten contributors to indoor air quality problems is mold. It’s not just the mold that’s visible on moist surfaces like showers and sinks but also the toxic that’s in hidden areas like behind walls and under the carpet. Mold needs to be addressed before it causes serious damage to a structure and even health issues.

Improper Ventilation

Houses and other buildings these days are so tightly sealed that they often cannot be properly ventilated or aired out. That can mean indoor air becomes stagnant and stale. One simple workaround is to open windows as much as possible, but that may not be feasible in some buildings.


During certain times of the year, such as spring, there is an abundance of pollen being produced outdoors. That can make its way indoors and cause problems with indoor air quality, which can be especially problematic for people who suffer from allergies to various pollens.


It’s common for homes and offices to contain a wide variety of chemicals, including cleaning products, that are producing strong odors and fumes. Those can definitely affect indoor air quality and create symptoms such as breathing issues and headaches in people exposed to them.

Household Irritants

Dust, pet dander, fumes from candles, smoke and more can all contribute to causing problems with indoor air quality. During the colder-weather months, fireplace smoke can also be a problem. There is a multitude of issues and irritants within a home that can contribute to having less than ideal air quality.

Improper HVAC Maintenance

Not completing the proper maintenance and repairs on an HVAC (heating and cooling) system can also affect indoor air quality. For example, not changing air filters often enough or not having air ducts professionally cleaned can cause problems.

The Top AC Compacy In Kennesaw

With some effort, it can be possible to improve your indoor air quality and breathe easier. If you need help addressing your indoor air quality, we at Controlled Climate Services is your go-to source for professional guidance. We serve Kennesaw, Georgia and the greater Atlanta area with commercial and residential heating and cooling repair, installation and maintenance. So feel free to contact us with your specific needs, whether they relate to indoor air quality or other concerns.

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