March 26, 2020

Chances are, you are routinely in the presence of Commercial Refrigeration. Gas stations, Grocery stores, and Restaurants — are some of the establishments one can find examples of commercial refrigeration around Kennesaw, Georgia. Let’s dive a bit deeper to learn about some of these specific examples.

Merchandising Freezers

Take a trip to your local grocery store. Head to the freezer section. What do you see? Pizza, ice cream, TV dinners — these are some of the food items one will find in the freezer section. And these food items are housed in what are called merchandising freezers.

Merchandising Refrigerators

These are similar to merchandising freezers. They look the same. The only difference is that merchandising refrigerators don’t keep frozen food. These keep such foods as sandwiches, bacon, and eggs.

Reach-In Refrigerators

Take a trip to your local gas station. Reach-in refrigerators mostly hold drinks. Grocery stores also have these. You can find these near the cash registers as you check out.

Bar Refrigerators

The name is fairly self-explanatory. Head to a local bar and order a beer. Chances are, the beer will be cold. Where was it stored? It may have been stored in a bar refrigerator. These are smaller units normally found on the ground behind the bar. No one wants to drink a warm beer!

Commercial Ice Cream Freezers

Everyone enjoys ice cream. In these establishments, ice cream is often displayed open and behind glass. The ice cream freezer stays cold at all times so that the ice cream doesn’t melt.

Prep Refrigerators

These types of commercial refrigerators are mostly found in restaurant kitchens. Chefs need quick access to food. This is especially true during busy hours such as dinner on a Friday or Saturday. In these refrigerators, food is often already prepped and ready to be cooked.


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