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That’s all right; we know that there’s a lot to consider with a Mini-Split AC, including price, where to put it, and how long it will last. First of all, mini-splits work by drawing heat out of your indoor air and releasing that outside. The air that gets blown out, then, is cooler. To do this, you have the air handler, which goes inside the room you want cooled, the compressor, which is placed outside, and the refrigerant line to connect the two.

Mini-splits cool a single room, so they’re also ideal for room additions, garages, tool sheds, and attic spaces. You can hook up multiple air handlers to one compressor; up to eight, in fact, which means that some homeowners could practically rely on mini-splits for whole-house cooling. Sometimes, as in the case of historical homes, this is the only viable option. Mini-splits are very versatile and come with many benefits, as you’ll see below.

Atlanta Mini-Split System Benefits

The air handler is a sleek device that can fit in virtually any room regardless of size or style. The compressor, though bulky, doesn’t have to be in a conspicuous place because you can put it as far as 50 feet away from the air handler. And the refrigerant line only requires a three-inch hole to come into your room.

The ease of installation is one thing, though. Here are the main advantages to owning a mini-split AC, especially in Atlanta:

  • Energy-efficient performance for decades to come
  • Quiet operation with variable-speed technology
  • Features like directional airflow
  • Possibility of multi-zone cooling