June 14, 2021
Summer AC Preparation in Kennesaw, Georgia

If you’re like most families, you rely on your air conditioning unit to remain comfortable throughout the scorching hot summer months. While you can’t prevent all issues that may arise with your air conditioning unit, you can help to lower your risks of experiencing them. Below are some of the best home air conditioning maintenance tips to help prepare your unit for a long run this summer.

Clean Your Condensation Lines

An important part of your air conditioning system is the condensation lines. These lines help to remove excess moisture from the air to the outside of your home. When these lines get clogged with debris or even calcified hard water, they may become blocked. If your condensation hoses are blocked, the water won’t be able to drain properly. This can cause water to back up in your air conditioning system and eventually into your house.

While you’re cleaning out your condensation lines, it’s a good idea to take a look at your drain as well. It’s very common for hard water to accumulate over time in the drain hole. You want to remove this stuck-on hard water stain and ensure that your pipes and the drain work correctly.

Clean Your Outside Unit

All air conditioning units have an outdoor condenser unit as part of their system. Your prep work for the summertime should include cleaning this outdoor unit. You’ll need to clean both the coils and the fins on the unit. When cleaning the fins, it’s important to be extra cautious so that you do not bend them. Using a very soft brush like a toothbrush is recommended. If you have a large number of fans that are bent, it’s best to bend them back into place with one of the many tools on the market for homeowners.

Check Your Concrete Slab

All outdoor condenser units need to sit on a solid concrete slab. As you’re doing your AC prep work for the summertime, it’s advisable to check your slab to ensure that it’s still level. Over time, soil from underneath the slab can erode and cause the slab to become unlevel. If you noticed that your concrete slab is no longer level, it’s a good idea to get some gravel and put it underneath the low side so that your concrete slab can become level. Your air conditioner can only operate at its optimal when it is level.

Apart from tracking the levelness of your concrete slab, you’ll want to check around it for any loose debris. It’s very common for loose leaves and sticks to get stuck around the outdoor condenser unit. When this happens, it can decrease the efficiency of the system. Take the time to remove all this loose debris, and be sure to cut any trees or shrubs back away from the compressor units.

Evaluate Your Venting

When you have a centralized air conditioning system, there are various vents and registers that run throughout your home to disperse the air. To ensure that you’re getting the maximum effect of your system, it’s advisable to evaluate each one of your vents to ensure that they are free from any sort of blockage. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to accidentally move a piece of furniture in front of the vent and restrict its ability to operate.

Change Out Your Filters

An essential part of your home air conditioning unit is the filter. This helps to collect unwanted allergens and debris in the air that travels throughout your ductwork. Over time, these filters will accumulate too much debris and will need to be cleaned out or replaced. It’s a good idea to consider replacing your air conditioner filter at the beginning of the summer season. This will help your air conditioner to work at an optimal level.

Leaving a clogged air conditioner filter in your air conditioning system can lead to the air conditioner working harder to push the air through the clogged filter. This will increase your energy costs. When you go to replace your air conditioner filter, you’ll need to identify the filter number that you need to purchase for a replacement. Most filters that homeowners use are disposable filters, which simply pop out and allow you to put a new one in. A smaller number of homeowners may opt for washable filters. With these types of air conditioner filters, you pop them out of place and wash them off. Once they are thoroughly dry, then you can reinstall them into your AC system.

Trusted AC Service

If you need help preparing your air conditioner for this summer season, don’t hesitate to call Controlled Climate Services. We provide cooling, heating, and other ventilation system services throughout the entire Kennesaw area.

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