March 25, 2020

Here at Controlled Climate Services, we’re Kennesaw’s go-to airflow experts. It’s common for air conditioners to struggle with airflow now and then, and this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a major problem with the unit. In fact, there are a variety of issues that impact a unit’s airflow.

Make Sure The AC Is Turned On

This one may sound simple to the point of being silly, but it’s pretty easy to think your AC is broken when it has actually been switched off or to the wrong setting. Most thermostats have three settings: cool, heat, and fan. When the thermostat gets switched to a fan instead of cool, it just circulates room-temperature air instead of cooling it down.

Make Sure The Thermostat Temperature Is Correct

After you make sure the thermostat isn’t set to “fan,” check the temperature settings. Your thermostat should display two temperatures: your desired temp and the room’s actual temp. If your air conditioner is set to a higher temp than the room’s ambient temp, your AC won’t kick on at all. Luckily, this is an easy one to fix. You should simply lower the AC temp to see if it restores the airflow.

Replace The Air Filter

Inside every AC is an air filter that catches dust, debris, and other floating particles in the air. A clogged air filter can significantly reduce your AC’s airflow. Summer is an especially rough time for air filters since the AC has to filter out extra pollen. Simply replace the air filter to see if it resolves the issue. Your filter should be replaced every six months.

Reliable AC Contractor

AC still not working? We can help! Here at Controlled Climate Services, we provide top-notch AC repair services. Our technicians have the training and expertise to diagnose your problem accurately and fix it. When you need repairs, maintenance, or replacement, we’re the best team in Kennesaw for the job.

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