March 25, 2020

What Can You Do About Static Electricity in Your Home?

Static electricity represents more than something annoying and, ironically, shocking. Static can be dangerous since it also poses a fire hazard. As a homeowner, you might feel annoyed and worried about static electricity. Don’t feel this way. A few basic steps could cut down on static electricity in your house.

Go With An Anti-Static Spray

Yes, there is such a thing as a chemical spray that cuts down on static electricity. If the problem is relatively minor, spraying carpets and rugs with this solvent could eliminate the shocks, charges, and other static troubles. Going with an industrial-level chemical might be the wisest plan. You want the most reliable chemical available to deal with the problem.

Install A Humidifier

Dry air plays a significant role in whether static electricity builds up in the home. Adding moisture to the air could solve some of the static troubles. The device capable of doing this is known as a humidifier. What size humidifier do you need? The answer depends on the size of your house. The more space inside the residence, the more air there is to moisten. You want a humidifier large enough to handle the job. Perhaps your house requires more than one humidifier to handle the task. Or, you could look into purchasing a whole-home humidifier from a heating and cooling company. These devices connect to air ducts and work in conjunction with the HVAC system.

Install New Carpeting

While costly, the option to purchase new, specially treated carpeting represents one solution. Appropriately dubbed “anti-static carpeting,” the carpet’s fibers are woven with special treatment. The treatment is intended to cut down on static electricity dramatically.

Wear Special Shoes

Believe it or not, anti-static shoes exist. Wearing them may help a little bit, which is better than nothing.

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