March 26, 2020

There are three major categories of furnaces which comprise of electric furnace, gas furnace and oil-burning furnace. And today, we’ll take a look at the three to distinguish how they operate individually.

Gas Furnaces

A pilot light kindles a variety of burners and also in the combustion compartment. The heat these burners make joins the heat exchanger where the heat is distributed to the atmosphere and increases it to the temperature fixed by the thermostat. The purpose of the thermostat is to adjust the air temperature by engaging the machine whenever the temperature falls beneath the stated level. After this process, the blowers grab the atmosphere and supply it through the ducts. The propane furnaces undergo the same stages for it to work.

Electronic Furnace Functions

For an electronic furnace, an electrical ignition starts the heating process, unlike the gas furnace which uses a pilot light. The ignition triggers the heating components that consist of the coils. These components guarantee that the heat exchange and supply operates efficiently and without protection issues. When power crosses through the coils, they start heating the air for the blower to control. As heat increases as per the thermostat, extra heating components continue to turn on. The blower assembly produces the needed suction to gather fresh atmosphere through the furnace filter and back to the device for reheating. Later, the air is circulated in the house and the process resembles from the beginning.

Heating Systems

Whichever fuel a furnace utilizes, it works on the system of forced air heating. The device distributes heat to air through which the blower fans then supply it to the ductwork of houses and out vents. The machines mostly share the duct mechanism with an air conditioner so that the occupants do not require to consume extra space for the cooling devices.

Furnace Replacement In Kennesaw

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