You want to do everything in your power to keep your family safe from viruses and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. Along with vacuuming your floors and wiping down surfaces with an antibacterial cleaner, you also need to clean the air that your loved ones breathe inside of your house.

To keep the air as free from dangerous germs as possible, you can install and use an air purifier in your home. This device performs a number of critical functions designed to fight viruses and bacteria that can cause illnesses like the common cold, strep throat, or the flu.

Reducing the Number of Airborne Germs

One of the key ways that an air purifier fights germs in the air involves limiting the number of viruses and bacteria that linger in your house. It is capable of drawing in microscopic elements like germs in the air into its filter. When you use it constantly throughout the day, you can greatly reduce the number of viruses and bacteria that exist in the air in your home.

In fact, scientific studies have shown that air purifiers can remove as much as 99% of viruses and bacteria within the room in which it is used. It can even remove the most dangerous of germs, including the H1N1 flu virus, enterovirus, and E. coli.

Once the germs are trapped in the filter, they eventually become no longer viable. They are not capable of reproducing and do not pose a hazard to people who breathe in the air in your residence.

Increasing Airflow in the Home

Another way that air purifiers fight viruses and bacteria involves circulating the air and ventilating your home. Scientific studies continue to show that germs thrive in stagnant air. When the air does not move in your house, it becomes laden with viruses and bacteria that can make you sick.

The purifier stirs the air and causes it to circulate rapidly throughout your property. This circulated air keeps the germs moving rather than lingering in a single location. It is more difficult for the germs to get into your airways when they are constantly blown throughout the house.

Using an air purifier can be especially important when someone in your home has been sick and you want to fumigate the house to make it safer for others who live there. Along with opening your windows and sanitizing the surfaces throughout your residence, you can clean the air by installing an air purifier in spaces like the living room or hallways that see high amounts of foot traffic.

Precautions While Using Air Purifiers

As helpful as air purifiers are in keeping the air in your home free from germs, they also can pose a risk to your safety and health if you fail to take certain precautions while using them. They function primarily by drawing in germs into their filters. It is critical that you clean out or change your filter often to get rid of the trapped viruses and bacteria.

Additionally, you should protect yourself when you change out or clean the filter. The viruses and bacteria can live for a short period of time even after being trapped in the filter. To avoid infecting yourself, you should wear gloves when handling the filter.

After you replace the existing filter, you should wash your hands thoroughly. Washing your hands eliminates any viruses or bacteria that might linger from the filter and get onto your skin.

Likewise, you should sterilize the sink and counters that came into contact with the filter while you washed it. Many viruses and bacteria can live for hours on surfaces like counters and faucets. You should wipe them down with bleach or ammonia-based cleaners.

Finally, you should keep your air purifier running rather than shut it off. If you turn it off, germs that are in the filter could make their way back into the air. You also should remember to wipe down the air purifier itself to keep it free from germs as well.

Consult the Pros

An air purifier can make all the difference in keeping your home free from dangerous viruses and bacteria. This device works by drawing in germs from the air and trapping them in its filter.

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