August 8, 2020

When you’re considering a new air conditioning system from Controlled Climate Services for your Kennesaw, GA, or Atlanta area home, you’ll have a lot of choices. If you’re adding to your home, planning new construction, or upgrading an older home, ductless air conditioning is a wise choice. Read on for five frequently asked questions and answers about ductless air conditioning systems.

1. How Efficient Is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

Ductless air conditioning systems, like other central air conditioning systems, are rated with the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) system. The newest ductless air conditioners average 19 SEER. Across all manufacturers, ductless air conditioners range from 16 to 21 SEER. You’ll pay more for an air conditioner with a higher SEER rating, but your monthly utility bills will be lower. If you currently use a window air conditioner or central air conditioner that’s 10 years old, its SEER is probably 10 to 14. Investing in a new ductless air conditioning system could lower the amount of energy your home uses for cooling by 20% to 40%. Look for a ductless air conditioner with the Energy Star certification for high-efficiency cooling.

2. Will Installing a Ductless Air Conditioning System Save Money?

Yes, installing a ductless air conditioning system could save you money every month on your electricity bills. A central air conditioning system with ducts averages a 30% energy waste because of those leaky ducts. Duct seal failure, a separation between segments, damage, and perforations allows the cooled air to leak into unused spaces. With a ductless air conditioning system, there aren’t any leaky ducts to worry about. If you’re converting from multiple window air conditioners or an older, ducted air conditioning system, you could save 30% or more on your summertime cooling bills. That could save you hundreds of dollars every year.

3. How Long Do Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Last?

With proper care, ductless air conditioning systems last for 15 to 20 years. That’s about the same for a central air conditioning system. If you choose a ductless mini split that also provides heating functions, its lifespan will be about 12 years. That’s due to it being in use during the wintertime as well as the summertime. Keeping up with maintenance is the best way to ensure your ductless air conditioning system performs well and lasts for a long time.

4. What Kind of Maintenance Do Ductless Air Conditioners Need?

Ductless air conditioners need an annual tune-up, just like central air conditioning systems. Once every two weeks, you’ll need to remove the air filter from each indoor unit and clean it. These are reusable filters that can be washed with water. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash them. You’ll also need to keep trees and other vegetation cut away from the outdoor unit. It needs at least three feet of clearance on all sides and above so that it can release heat from your home to the outdoors. Your annual ductless air conditioner tune-up should be performed by a licensed and certified technician who specializes in ductless cooling systems.

Ideally, you should have a ductless air conditioner maintenance visit in the spring. However, summertime isn’t too late to have the unit serviced. If you have a ductless mini split, which also offers heating functions, you’ll need semi-annual maintenance visits. For ductless mini split air conditioners, schedule one tune-up in the spring and the other in the autumn, before the heating season begins.

5. Can I Have Zoned Cooling With a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

Yes, ductless air conditioning systems are compatible with zoned climate control. Each outdoor unit coordinates with up to four indoor units. You could have two zones in the upstairs and downstairs of a two-story home. If your home has three or more levels, you may need a second outdoor unit. Many people set up one zone for the master bedroom, another zone for secondary bedrooms, and the remainder of the zones for living spaces. You may prefer to have each bedroom as its own zone or a basement recreation or family room as its own zone.

At Controlled Climate Services, we’re proud to offer reliable ductless air conditioning services. We also provide ducted air conditioning and heating maintenance, heat pump repair, replacement and installations. Homeowners throughout the Kennesaw area turn to us for affordable indoor air quality products, too. For additional details or to get an estimate for a new ductless air conditioning system for your home, call us today.

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