March 25, 2020

Before you call professionals to install a heater, you need to know what type of system you want. This guide will help you to make an informed choice about home heating systems.


Furnaces are a style of heater that burns fuel and uses it to directly heat air. The warm air is then sent through ducts to reach each place in your house. Furnaces are the most common heating system, and they sell at roughly half the cost of other types of systems. There is no hazard of leaks or frozen heating pipes when the power goes out, so furnaces are less risky.

There are three main types of furnaces:

Each type of fuel for a furnace has its own distinct pros and cons.


A boiler heats up water and then spreads hot water or steam through pipes in the house to disperse the heat. Boilers are more difficult to install, especially if you do not already have the right piping system in your home, and they can take a little longer to adjust the temperature in your house. However, boilers are quieter than furnaces, provide more consistent heat, require less maintenance, and are more energy-efficient.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are useful because they can be reversed to move heat away from the home, resulting in cooler indoor air during the summer. These units are particularly useful if you pick a geothermal model that makes use of the natural heat stored below the ground. The cost of installing a heat pump can initially be higher, but it can cut your heating bill by roughly 40 percent once installed.

Once you’ve picked out the right type of heating system for your needs, Controlled Climate Services can help install it. Our talented technicians have the experience needed to install a variety of heating and cooling systems. Get in touch with Controlled Climate Services in Kennesaw today to learn more about our heating system services.

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