If you’re experiencing problems with your cooling system, the thermostat may be the culprit. In fact, a thermostat that isn’t functioning properly can drastically affect the comfort of your home. Let’s look at common thermostat issues and how they can be resolved.


Where the thermostat for your cooling system is mounted can make a difference in how it functions. For instance, if it’s located on a wall where there’s direct sunlight from a window, it will react to the temperature in that location. Subsequently, the thermostat will register an inaccurate temperature and fail to make the necessary adjustments for optimal comfort. The same thing can happen if the thermostat is located near a door. The ideal location is near the filter so that it can detect and respond to the air handler temperature.


It’s not uncommon for mechanical devices to malfunction because of buildup. Your cooling system’s thermostat can experience problems caused by an excessive amount of dirt and dust that has accumulated over time. In some cases, this can be resolved by gently brushing away particles found on the thermostat panel. However, it’s often best to have a professional remove any buildup to avoid causing issues with contact points.

At Controlled Climate Services, we provide air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration services to customers in Kennesaw and the surrounding areas. We can assess your thermostat and address any issues.

Aging Equipment

It’s expected that aging equipment will start to malfunction at some point. While preventative maintenance can prolong the life of some equipment, it’s often best to simply replace an old thermostat. An aging thermostat can interfere with air quality, and it will probably get worse until it’s replaced.


Technology has revolutionized cooling systems. Just like any other innovation, there are both pros and cons. One of the disadvantages of high-tech thermostats is they can experience programming issues. This is more likely to happen during a power outage. Fortunately, it’s something that can usually be resolved by reprogramming the device.

These are all common thermostat issues that can be resolved with the help of our skilled technicians. Controlled Climate Services is the top choice for heating and air conditioning services in Kennesaw. In addition to repairs and installations, we offer inspections and maintenance services to improve indoor air quality and lower energy bills. Call us today for more information.