March 26, 2020

In any climate, an air conditioning system will make your home or office a more comfortable place to be. Specifically, in summer you would want your environment to be as cool as is conveniently possible.

The air conditioning system works by using the refrigeration cycle. Here, two coils, hot and cold, are pumped with refrigerant, warm or hot air from your environment is passed over to the colder coil hence cooling it down and is then recycled back into your environment, the warm air is then blown out via the outlet hose on your air conditioner.

What is an Air Conditioning Inverter?

A more refined system is the Air Conditioner inverter. This works as a regular air conditioner but has the added advantage of an inverter which controls the compressor motor speed to cool down or heat up the room as required.

In a non-inverter system, the compressor is at a fixed speed and delivers fixed power, which means that to maintain the desired environment temperature the compressor motor stops and begins again to regulate your room temperature.

An air conditioner inverter runs smoothly in that it regulates the speed used by the compressor motor and thus the power will also vary, delivering the desired temperature for your environment.

Advantages of an AC Inverter

• Due to the varying speed used as per the need, it uses less power
• It is less noisy and at times, very quiet
• Because the compressor is regulated by the inverter, there will be fewer voltage peaks
• Delivers the required cooling and heating power hence giving maximum comfort
• Faster in achieving desired room temperature

The air conditioning inverter, in the long run, is much more efficient and will save you on your energy bill. It can also be used for heating purposes because EcoAir inverters are also heat pumps that are more energy efficient.

At Controlled Climate Services, we offer a full range of heating and cooling services including the inverter air conditioner. We serve both residential and commercial customers with our expert services and quality customer care. For quality and superior installation of your ideal heating and cooling system call us today!

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