March 25, 2020

When your HVAC system has a problem, it may take a little while for you to notice the issue. Often, one of the first warning signs is hearing a strange noise coming from your HVAC equipment. You never want to hear your HVAC system making one of these sounds because it can mean that something is not working properly.

1. Frequent Clicking

It is common to hear a single click as the unit turns on and off, but more constant clicking over and over is an issue. This means that your relay or electrical controls are struggling to function properly.

2. Thwapping

If your system is making a sort of flapping or loud fluttering noise, it may be due to a problem with the blower. This type of noise often happens when there is something lodged in an area where the blower blades hit it over and over.

3. Rattling

Rattling means that parts inside your HVAC system are shaking around. It can be a sign of a loose fan or some other issue that could cause a lot of damage if a component dislodges entirely.

4. Screeching

If you are hearing sharp squealing or screeching noises, it is probably a good idea to get in touch with Controlled Climate Services about our HVAC repair services as soon as possible. This normally means that a motor bearing or belt is sticking.

5. Thumping

Noises that sound like a sudden, loud clank or bang are a problem whether you just hear a single one or a series. This sort of thumping noise means that something big inside of your HVAC unit is moving around.

If you hear any of these sounds, it is important to seek help before your HVAC problems get worse. Controlled Climate Services in Kennesaw has skilled technicians trained to repair all sorts of HVAC units, and we can also help you if you need to maintain or replace your heating and cooling system. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you.

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