November 20, 2020

Damaged ductwork is one of the costliest problems with any HVAC system in Kennesaw and surrounding areas. Holes and tears in the materials are perfect places for heated and cooled air to escape into walls and ceiling spaces. Your HVAC equipment then has to run longer to reach the temperature set on your thermostat. This requires more energy use, and you spend more each month on your utilities. But how do you repair the damage in your ductwork?

The task seems challenging because ductwork is hidden away in walls and ceilings, and repairs require applying tape and other materials to the holes in the ducts. Fortunately, new HVAC innovations include materials that are used to seal the ducts from the inside rather than the outside. Here are five benefits of this new approach.

1. Easy Access to Ductwork

Have you ever wondered how technicians access ductwork to seal holes? It’s true that some parts of your ductwork can be easily accessed and sealed with a special tape or sealant, yet you may have leaks elsewhere, such as the ducts that are tucked away in walls and ceilings.

A technician may be able to access certain sections but not the entire system of ducts. The remaining leaks still cost you money in utility costs. A better solution is to access the ducts through the vent openings in each room and apply an aerosol spray that covers the entire interior surface.

2. Seal Holes Where Air Escapes

The outside of your HVAC ductwork doesn’t always tell the entire story. Sometimes what appears as a gap where air leaks is actually a flaw on the external surface of the ducts rather than an opening. If the technician seals these gaps, the money spent may not actually prevent leaks in the system.

Another issue is that small holes are difficult to find, so the technician may miss some areas that need repair. When an aerosol spray is used to seal ducts from the inside, the entire interior surface is covered with the material to ensure that all relevant holes are repaired.

3. Saves Money and Time

Sealing ductwork from the outside is a time-intensive project, even if you try to do it yourself. With professional support, you pay for the materials as well as the labor. Depending on the design of your HVAC ducts, the project could take a day or longer. Did you know there are Ductless Mini Split Systems that do not require ductwork to heat and cool? If your curious, follow that link above and learn how to avoid all this ductwork hassle.

Aerosol sealing of ductwork is a quick, streamlined process that takes relatively little time compared to taping and using a sealant. You also save money with aerosol sealing from inside the ducts because the material lasts longer than tape and sealants.

4. Minimal Impact on Heating-System Operation

When a technician seals your ductwork from the outside, you cannot use the system while the repairs are being performed and the materials set properly. Sealing ducts from the inside with an aerosol product takes less time, and the material sets faster, so you can use your heating system sooner compared to sealing ducts from the outside.

5. Duct Cleaning Included

Dirt, debris, pet dander, dust, and other airborne particles collect inside your ducts just from the operation of the system. The problem is made worse when you have leaky ducts that allow in even more airborne particles. When your ducts are sealed from the outside, the particles are left inside to be distributed into your home.

With aerosol sealing, the interior of the ducts is cleaned first to ensure that the material adheres properly. This greatly reduces the volume of particles that circulate in your home, thereby boosting indoor air quality. You can further the benefits of duct cleaning by adding one of our indoor air quality products to your HVAC system.

Interior Duct Sealing for Kennesaw Homes

Controlled Climate Services offers duct sealing with aerosol products that are applied to the inside surface of your ductwork. Our technicians specialize in the technique, so you can feel confident that all of your ducts are properly sealed in a timely manner.

Do you need other services for your HVAC system? We also offer installation, maintenance, and repairs for heating and cooling equipment. Be sure to ask about our indoor air quality solutions and air purifiers. Call us today to learn more about duct sealing and our other services. You can also schedule an appointment to have one of our expert technicians come to your home.

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